Introducing Invader design

2015-09-19 08:12:27 by invaderdesign

Hi folks, i've recently started up a few pages under the name "Invader Design" where its dedicated to 3d sculpts that I make using blender and sculptris, so come on down and check it out it would help me out alot, you were warned.




Isaac 3d work flow

2015-06-14 12:05:48 by invaderdesign

Heres a better Idea of the process that I did when creating my recent 3d render of an Isaac sculpt. This is the first time I had properly integrated 2 seperate 3d software to create a rendered image.














For the main sculpt itself I modeled and textured the character in sculptris which took around 30 minutes to do. The model was then exported as an OBJ file and a texture map was created sepreatley as with sculprtis when you export a sculpt the textures are not on the model.


2439475_143429748043_issac.png incase you're curious this is how big of a mess a Uv map is from sculptris


The model was then imported into blender where the textures were added again and a basic scene was set up. The most challenging part was figuring out how to create light rays using a default spot light. Through trial and error eventually I achieved the effect by creating a ciylinder and parenting it to a light with transparent texture map.










And after an agonising wait for the thing to render, the final result 

Feeling down?

2015-05-27 14:27:20 by invaderdesign

... Then Here's an animation loop of a squid I did to cheer you up, enjoy!


Drawing simple characters

2015-04-27 20:59:10 by invaderdesign

This isn't really a tutorial, well i spuppose it is depending on your perspective but never the less. This something that I did by observing old character designs from the 1950's, its more or less an example to help people who want to start drawing and blocking out characters for animation with simple shapes. Again i'm sure there's more detailed examples but nevermind, i do hope this helps2439475_143018268761_cartoondesign.jpg



How I paint digitally

2014-11-02 09:59:33 by invaderdesign

I'd like to show you the process on how I created my most recent digital Painting . This isn't really a tutorial, but just an example on how I do my art, but if an aspiring digital artist this could be good insperation, but without further a do, heres how I do it.


Firstly, I draw a sketch in not photoshop, but manga studio, mainly cause i prefer the drawing tool in it when compared to Photoshop, which isnt that great for drawing, but It is good for painting. (also for those curious about tablets, I use a Cintiq but you can do this just fine with any other graphics tablets)




Next I import the sketch into photoshop, where I create an underpainting, just like you'd do when it comes to real painting. This is so that I can rough in the shadows and highlights in the painting before painting over it, this is the shit stage of painting so If you are doing this, don't get put off by it, its going to be painted over anyways.




Next I create a pallete using a transparent brush in photoshop, this so that When I'm painting it will be much easier to blend the colours in when painting, and yes I said "COLOURS", deal with it.




Next I create new layers in photoshop so that I can work on individual sections of the painting, this is in case I fuck up and have to start the painting all over again. Also around this time I begin to drop colours down, my method is to go from darkest to lightest using your pallete, this is only a personal preference mind you. And as I add colours i blend them togehter at the same time.





Repeat the last step a few times, add extra details and colours as the painting starts to take shape and that should be it really, changing stuff from the original sketch that didnt fit well, and changing some of the features.



But yeah thats pretty much how I do digital paintings. I know there are probably better and easier way to do it, but is just me, but you can take the basics from this as an example if you please, just thought I'd share the basics of my process thats all.





Hi there, I rarely post much content wise on here, as you can tell by the artwork and animations, but i'd like your opinion on this matter, what would you like me to do? More animations perhaps or more art work? just curious